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GridFlex Pro - Slate Grey

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  1. Great service, with prompt delivery…Took around 3hrs to lay 210x Tiles, with the Back and Side Tiles to Cut to Size/Fit.

    Image #1 from Neil H.
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  2. Before and after! So happy with the result

    Image #1 from Jennifer K.
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  3. Easy to assemble. Durable. Stays flat with minimal movement.

    Image #1 from Jean Vicente Laurilla
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  4. Fit and finish looks good. Not very nice to walk around bare foot and the ramped edges had a bow as soon as the sun hit them. Overall very happy with the product and thus far has been really good to work on.

    Image #1 from Deek P.
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  5. I researched options available for my garage as we had old vinyl flooring with asbestos underlay and a bare concrete surface on the other half of the floor. We also had a leak that would leave a pool of water after heavy rain that we had to leave a bucket underneath the drip location permanently.

    When we found Flex Spec we really excited that it would provide mechanical protection for objects falling on the vinyl after we sealed it with waterproofing and the fact the tiles can allow water underneath and allow people to walk with a reduced slipping risk was even better because we don’t need to leave a bucket anymore.

    The online Designer tool was fantastic and pretty much on the money. I had a lot of fun making a unique design. I didn’t use the cable tray tiles, but I will use them next time.

    Chris and Sarah were incredibly knowledgeable and helpful with our planning and were very easy to deal with, especially with shipping everything to Tasmania. It took 3 days from the products arrival in Melbourne to reach Tasmania. The install was super easy and actually quite enjoyable. I have had a few people already show interest and are looking to put the tiles in their garage. I can’t recommend this product enough if it’s something you’re interested in doing for your floor space.

    Image #1 from Lachlan
    Image #2 from Lachlan
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  6. Had an awesome experience with flexspec very professional on time and done a great job highly recommend

    Image #1 from Dean
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  7. We decided to install Flexspec modular flooring over outdoor carpet. From the online designer tool, the ordering then supply and installation, the process was easy. On the day of installation, they were running late. Before the agreed time, they phoned to advise of delay, and sorted a new time that day that suited me. In today’s world, was nice to get a phone call and work it out. We are very happy with the Flexspec flooring, would recommend

    Image #1 from Ray
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  8. Installation was a breeze! Just waiting for my dad to visit to cut the edge pieces for me. It looks so good. Thanks for all your help!

    Image #1 from Julie P.
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  9. Great job and very happy with the product. Standing up well with no signs of wear.
    Would definitely recommend.

    Image #1 from Glen
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  10. Thanks guys you done a great job i love it 😃😃

    Image #1 from Dean
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