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GridFlex Pro - Slate Grey

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  1. Great service, with prompt delivery…Took around 3hrs to lay 210x Tiles, with the Back and Side Tiles to Cut to Size/Fit.

    Image #1 from Neil H.
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  2. It’s been 6 months since installing the floor tiles in my double garage. Still in mint condition. Friends and neighbours have been complimenting about how great it looks. Anyone that walks past when the garage door is opened would do a double take, some giving me the thumbs up. Tiles are light weight but super tough, which I foresee to last a very long time.

    I would highly recommend Flexspec not only for their amazing floor tiles but their customer service is top notch as well!

    Image #1 from Damien
    Image #2 from Damien
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  3. Amazing customer service and great products and professional installation! Not to forget the honest advise! The transformation was amazing!

    Image #1 from Meliny L.
    Image #2 from Meliny L.
    Image #3 from Meliny L.
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  4. Hi Sarah, here is a before and after shot of our garage. We still have the workshop to do.
    Happy with how it looks.

    Image #1 from Colin M.
    Image #2 from Colin M.
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  5. Firstly I would like to say how good your service was both on the phone and online with delivery of all tiles over the space of two days.

    The floor was easy to install and as you can see by the attached photos, has completely transformed our car garage.

    Image #1 from John C.
    Image #2 from John C.
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  6. Great, we love it.

    Thank you

    Image #1 from Katie R.
    Image #2 from Katie R.
    Image #3 from Katie R.
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  7. Fast delivery, great customer support and my absolute favourite purchase of the year, got my balcony and decking/alfresco area done and can’t stop looking at how good it looks. Comfy to stand on and one of the biggest PRO’s that I’ve jsut realised is that inside my housee is so much cleaner, the dirt settles underneath the tiles so I can leave my windows open and don’t have to worry as much about dust and dirt blowing inside from the ground. Recommending flexspec to all my friends and family.

    Image #1 from Sylvia C.
    Image #2 from Sylvia C.
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  8. .

    Image #1 from Harindu D.
    Image #2 from Harindu D.
    Image #3 from Harindu D.
    Image #4 from Harindu D.
    Image #5 from Harindu D.
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  9. As someone who spends a significant amount of time working in my garage, accompanied by my 18-month old who often trails behind me, my partner and I have to constantly clean up due to him stepping on wet patches, oil spills, and tracking dirt inside.

    So we were originally looked at getting epoxy but realised it wouldn’t fix our problem. Luckily a friend told me about these tiles – Gave it a go and I have to say it has been one of our best investments we’ve made. Since putting them in every single person we’ve had over has commented on how great it looks and 2 of our friends have already gotten their own garages done.

    PS: I rarely take the time to refer anything but I just have to say the flexspec team were great and helped me every step of the way. Sarah was able to answer all my initial questions with ease and Chris provided great advise with the installation process.

    Image #1 from Andrew T.
    Image #2 from Andrew T.
    Image #3 from Andrew T.
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  10. Ordered at the end of Dec and still received the order well in advance.

    Neat packaging, high quality product, simple installation and top finishes.

    The price-quality ratio is clearly excellent and the tiles are top notch.

    I recommend to everyone and I will not hesitate to buy from them again.

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