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GridFlex Pro - Racing Red

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  1. It’s been 6 months since installing the floor tiles in my double garage. Still in mint condition. Friends and neighbours have been complimenting about how great it looks. Anyone that walks past when the garage door is opened would do a double take, some giving me the thumbs up. Tiles are light weight but super tough, which I foresee to last a very long time.

    I would highly recommend Flexspec not only for their amazing floor tiles but their customer service is top notch as well!

    Image #1 from Damien
    Image #2 from Damien
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  2. Quality stuff.

    Image #1 from Wayne G.
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  3. Top Service and Great Product!
    Loose layed with the simplest of tools (Tape Measure, Jig Saw, Ruler and Sharpie). Instantly transformed a boring garage into a smart looking and more comfortable space.
    Friendly and helpful staff from design to delivery, wish I had another to do it all again.

    Image #1 from Nigel W.
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  4. We were looking for a floor covering for our basement and garage and on the internet, we discovered the flexspec brand. Very good contact with the company, the salesperson is very good advice. We received our order very quickly. For the installation, there was an explanatory note and we had no problem, the result is up to our expectations. Very easy maintenance. Good quality product.

    Image #1 from Sam A.
    Image #2 from Sam A.
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  5. Love the product functionality and ease of installation looks amazing ability to make your own design highly recommend

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  6. Very professional team

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  7. Amazing tiles, Great prices we all love them!!!!
    Highly Recommend!!

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  8. Great!

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  9. Good product

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  10. 5 star product and service

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