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GridFlex Pro - Ocean Teal

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  1. What a fantastic product you have. I’ve just started to lay my garage floor and the tiles are brilliant!!!! I’ll send through completed pics once I’ve done the cutting, but here’s a work in progress.

    Image #1 from Richard
    Image #2 from Richard
    Image #3 from Richard
    Image #4 from Richard
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  2. Firstly I would like to say how good your service was both on the phone and online with delivery of all tiles over the space of two days.

    The floor was easy to install and as you can see by the attached photos, has completely transformed our car garage.

    Image #1 from John C.
    Image #2 from John C.
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  3. High quality product

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  4. Fast and easy, exceptional service. Thank you.

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  5. happy

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  6. Jus got out shed done wit floor tiles and hex liting… VERY HAPPY! GAVE US A GOOD PACKAGE DEAL!

    Image #1 from Simon Q.
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  7. Great range of colours to choose from and received in ahead of schedule, thanks

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  8. Would buy again.

    Image #1 from Ian A.
    Image #2 from Ian A.
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  9. Our warehouse floor turned out great, Flexspec has a great team of professionals who don’t charge high prices. We looked around and purchased samples of various similar tiles and we found Flexspec to have the best quality and their prices were amongst the most affordable of the bunch so it was a no brainer. very satisfied with the results!

    On another note their team was really helpful (thanks again Sarah!) and they guided us through using their online design tool. We ended up having green sent out but later wanted to change it to Ocean Teal and Sarah made the process easy and we were able to easily switched these tiles over to Ocean Teal and returned the Grass Green without any hassles.

    Everyone who’s come into the shop have been amazed by how nice the flooring is and a few have even told me that as soon as they went home they’ve ordered some of their own. I don’t usually tae the time to review anything but we have just been so happy with the results that I felt like I had to. 5 Stars!

    Image #1 from Chris W.
    Image #2 from Chris W.
    Image #3 from Chris W.
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