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GridFlex Pro - Jet Black

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  1. I am so happy I stumbled upon your tiles. I teach art classes and I’ve been wanting to convert my garage into an art studio for years, but I put it off because I couldn’t find a suitable flooring that was slip proof! So so happy with your product! The quality is fantastic and it’s so easy to install – we had the double garage all installed in 1.5hrs! The hardest part of the process was picking a colour!!!

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  2. Perfect flooring option for my bike garage. Easily installed in an afternoon, and looks fantastic once completed. Highly recommended.

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  3. Garage looks better than expected. The installation was straight forward and overall very happy with the product and even more so with the end result.
    As an added bonus significantly cheaper than other similar tiles i researched.

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  4. Great product, super easy to install and transforms the look of a garage, easy to cut to shape to go around posts, fittings etc and comparable in cost to other floor coverings with an advantage over other products in that you can design or change the look or colour of the space should you need or want too in the future.

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  5. We decided to install Flexspec modular flooring over outdoor carpet. From the online designer tool, the ordering then supply and installation, the process was easy. On the day of installation, they were running late. Before the agreed time, they phoned to advise of delay, and sorted a new time that day that suited me. In today’s world, was nice to get a phone call and work it out. We are very happy with the Flexspec flooring, would recommend

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  6. Great service. For anyone wanting to do something cool with your floor space, this is the company to use. The catalogue online was detailed, the buying process was easy, the delivery was fast and I was kept informed all the way through. Well worth the effort. And the floor was easy to install yourself just as long as you use the correct tools.

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  7. Fantastic product at a great price. highly recommend

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  8. I researched options available for my garage as we had old vinyl flooring with asbestos underlay and a bare concrete surface on the other half of the floor. We also had a leak that would leave a pool of water after heavy rain that we had to leave a bucket underneath the drip location permanently.

    When we found Flex Spec we really excited that it would provide mechanical protection for objects falling on the vinyl after we sealed it with waterproofing and the fact the tiles can allow water underneath and allow people to walk with a reduced slipping risk was even better because we don’t need to leave a bucket anymore.

    The online Designer tool was fantastic and pretty much on the money. I had a lot of fun making a unique design. I didn’t use the cable tray tiles, but I will use them next time.

    Chris and Sarah were incredibly knowledgeable and helpful with our planning and were very easy to deal with, especially with shipping everything to Tasmania. It took 3 days from the products arrival in Melbourne to reach Tasmania. The install was super easy and actually quite enjoyable. I have had a few people already show interest and are looking to put the tiles in their garage. I can’t recommend this product enough if it’s something you’re interested in doing for your floor space.

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  9. I recently had the pleasure of using Flexspec Modular Garage Flooring and their professional installation service, and I couldn’t be more impressed with the results.

    From the initial inquiry to the final installation, the entire process was seamless and efficient. The team at Flexspec exhibited a high level of professionalism and expertise. They took the time to understand my needs and provided valuable insights into choosing the right modular flooring solution for my garage.

    The quality of the Flexspec Modular Garage Flooring is outstanding. The tiles are durable, easy to clean, and have completely transformed the look and functionality of my garage. The modular design allowed for a customized layout, and the interlocking tiles fit together flawlessly.

    What truly sets Flexspec apart is their installation service. The team of professionals worked with precision and attention to detail. They were punctual, respectful of my space, and completed the installation in a timely manner. The end result exceeded my expectations, and I couldn’t be happier with the finished product.

    The customer service from Flexspec was top-notch throughout the entire process. They were responsive to my inquiries, providing clear and concise information. It’s evident that they prioritize customer satisfaction.

    If you’re considering garage flooring solutions, I highly recommend Flexspec and their professional installation service. They deliver on quality, expertise, and customer service, making them a standout choice in the industry.

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  10. It’s been 6 months since installing the floor tiles in my double garage. Still in mint condition. Friends and neighbours have been complimenting about how great it looks. Anyone that walks past when the garage door is opened would do a double take, some giving me the thumbs up. Tiles are light weight but super tough, which I foresee to last a very long time.

    I would highly recommend Flexspec not only for their amazing floor tiles but their customer service is top notch as well!

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