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GridFlex Pro - Arctic White

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  1. Great service. For anyone wanting to do something cool with your floor space, this is the company to use. The catalogue online was detailed, the buying process was easy, the delivery was fast and I was kept informed all the way through. Well worth the effort. And the floor was easy to install yourself just as long as you use the correct tools.

    Image #1 from Stephen W.
    Image #2 from Stephen W.
    Image #3 from Stephen W.
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  2. I used to clean my garage floor regularly but it still looked dirty. I’ve only cleaned the floor once in the 4 months since I installed it and it took 5 mins. Tiles still intact and look brand new. Don’t regret the white colour it doesn’t get dirty from the tyres or foot traffic. Took a day to install, cutting the tiles took the longest time. I used a jigsaw and a rubber mallet. Flexspec has a design tool that made it a breeze to envision the floor and it calculates the tiles needed, then you just order. The after service was good to as I needed to exchange some tiles for a different colour and it went seamlessly.

    Image #1 from David L.
    Image #2 from David L.
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  3. At first were shopping around but then we were referred by a friend to Flexspec Floors for advice about my garage and upgrading our patio flooring with these types of interlocking tiles. They gave us real expert advice and a fantastic deal! They have a large range of colours to choose from compared to others – with who were in-fact selling them at a much higher price tag.

    Chris was able to show me a comparison. Better quality, more options to choose from, at a much more affordable price.

    For anyone looking for high quality flooring, unique service and amazing pricing! Thanks Flexspec, you will be referred on!

    Image #1 from Ann A.
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  4. Amazing customer service and great products and professional installation! Not to forget the honest advise! The transformation was amazing!

    Image #1 from Meliny L.
    Image #2 from Meliny L.
    Image #3 from Meliny L.
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  5. Thanks for a fantastic job on the 25th of Jan, it looks great

    Image #1 from Dean
    Image #2 from Dean
    Image #3 from Dean
    Image #4 from Dean
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  6. Chris and Mel were pleasant to deal with. They installed the GridFlex Pro floor tiles on our garage floor quickly, with a professional finish on times cut to shape. Flexspec colour range was great, which made it easy to do a custom tartan finish. Thank you!

    Image #1 from Casper R.
    Image #2 from Casper R.
    Image #3 from Casper R.
    Image #4 from Casper R.
    Image #5 from Casper R.
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  7. absoulutely so happy with end result

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  8. Love the product functionality and ease of installation looks amazing ability to make your own design highly recommend

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  9. Brilliant product and service. I now get comments all the time about our beautiful garage flooring. He did a lovely feature at the front door too with the extra tiles. Highly recommend Flexspec.

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  10. 5 star product and service

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