Poolside Modular Flooring

Typically, you can design a pool deck that is more useful, durable, and visually beautiful using FLEXSPEC pool deck tile than with concrete or pavers. Want a cost-effective method to conceal concrete pool deck cracks? In search of a more vibrant option for your pool deck? The installation process takes a few hours and requires no special tools or equipment.

Poolside Floor Tiles

Easy to install, the FLEXSPEC tiling system is ideal for both new construction and replacing old, fractured pool deck surfaces. The slip-resistant, flow-through design of FLEXSPEC pool deck tiles makes them perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications. In addition, a variety of colours and designs make it possible to create gorgeous pool deck flooring for both outdoor and indoor pool areas.

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GRIDFLEX PRO XL Tiles (Sold) Australia Wide

Made with superior quality compared to many competitors.
Affordable price point – Australian Owned and Operated.

Free Carbon Neutral Delivery

No Hassle Returns.
Worried about purchasing too many for your space?
Simply send the extra’s back for a refund.

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