Whether your outside area is a concrete patio or a wooden deck, FLEXSPEC offers a variety of flooring tile alternatives. With FLEXSPEC floor tiles you can now construct a unique and visually appealing patio and deck area. Between landscaping, furniture, and accessories, personalising your outdoor area can be a substantial undertaking. Create the ideal patio and deck flooring now with FLEXSPEC!

Patio Floor Tiles

FLEXSPEC has tailored and distinguished a number of backyard patio and deck areas. Whether it’s a little apartment balcony or a vast house patio in the rear. Explore FLEXSPEC to choose whether our products will work best for your patio or deck surface.

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GRIDFLEX PRO XL Tiles (Sold) Australia Wide

Made with superior quality compared to many competitors.
Affordable price point – Australian Owned and Operated.

Free Carbon Neutral Delivery

No Hassle Returns.
Worried about purchasing too many for your space?
Simply send the extra’s back for a refund.

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