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Cleaning and Maintaining: Modular Floor Tiles

Cleaning Modular Floor Tiles

Modular Floor Cleaning 

Cleaning and maintaining your FLEXSPEC Modular tiles should be simple and easy. The FLEXSPEC design allows dirt, debris and fluids to flow through the tiles, keeping your floor surface cleaner and drier all year-round.

When you do wish to clean your floor begin by clearing out any large debris such as leaves by using a yard blower or vacuum. If any areas require additional dirt or stain removal, a light degreaser can be used. Work the cleaning solution over the tiles with a damp mop, for larger areas or commercial installations a floor buffer can also be used. Dirt that falls through the tile perforations can also be easily removed, simply run over the tiles with the shop vac as needed.

FLEXSPEC Modular Tiles features a 5mm channelling system designed into the underside of the tile. This also allows dirt to be removed with the high-pressure hose or power washer. Slightly lift the front edges of the floor up and wash out the tiles from back to front. 

modular floor cleaning

What if A Spill Occurs?

If a spill occurs or you need to access the floor underneath any individual tile or section of tiles can be easily removed. First, you’ll need to locate the correct corner to lift, this will be the corner where the two pegged sides of the tile meet. Use a paint can opener or flat-head screwdriver to pry up the corner. Unsnap the tiles by pressing down on the looped sides and lifting up on the pegged side to put the tiles back into place. Realign your looped and pegged connectors and interlock by firmly pressing the tiles back together. All of this will enhance your modular floor cleaning experience in terms of ease. We’ve talked all about spills but what if you want to know how to lay modular floor tiles? 

FLEXSPEC tiles are design to be easily maintained, whether it’s in your Garage, Gym, or Patio.

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