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Introducing the New GridFlex Pro Tile in Enchanting Lilac Purple – Elevate Your Space!

Enchanting Lilac Purple – Elevate Your Space

In the world of interior design and home improvement, the flooring you choose can make a significant impact on the overall look and feel of a space. Now, Flexspec has released their latest colour – the GridFlex Pro tile in Enchanting Lilac Purple. In this article, we’ll delve into the captivating world of Lilac Purple and discover how it can elevate your space, be it a garage, gym, showroom, or any area you desire.

The Allure of Lilac Purple: A Colour for Every Mood

Lilac Purple, a delicate and enchanting hue, has long been associated with creativity, spirituality, and transformation. It’s a colour that can instantly uplift your mood and bring a sense of tranquility to any environment.

Inspiration for Your Space

To help you envision the possibilities of Lilac Purple Tiles in your space, here are a few design ideas:

Modern Minimalism: Create a sleek and modern look by using Lilac Purple Tiles as the primary flooring colour. Pair it with Arctic White or Steel Grey for a minimalist aesthetic.

Bold Accents: Use Lilac Purple Tiles as an accent colour in a predominantly neutral space. This will draw attention to specific areas, creating a focal point that stands out.

Gradient Magic: Experiment with a gradient effect by blending Lilac Purple Tiles with Mystic Purple. This creates a stunning visual transition and adds depth to your space.

Nature-inspired: Combine Lilac Purple Tiles with earthy tones and natural materials for a calming and harmonious atmosphere. Think Nut Brown or Light Ivory.

Artistic Patterns: Let your creativity run wild by designing unique patterns with Lilac Purple Tiles. Geometric shapes, waves – the possibilities are endless.


Elevate your space and embrace the enchanting allure of GridFlex Pro’s Lilac Purple – where style meets durability, and creativity knows no bounds. Make your space uniquely yours and experience the transformation for yourself.

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