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GridFlex Pro & DiamondFlex Pro: New Captivating Colours Coming Soon to Elevate Your Space!

Flexspec New Colours

Flexspec has consistently pushed the boundaries of creativity and functionality. With our upcoming release of new colours, we’re poised to offer even more possibilities for transforming spaces into personalised, stylish, and functional environments. Whether it’s a garage, workshop, gym, trade show booth, or any other space, Flexspec flooring is designed to enhance both aesthetics and usability.

One of the key advantages of Flexspec flooring is its modular nature, which facilitates easy installation and customisation. Each tile fits seamlessly with the next, our GridFlex Pro range even interlocks with our DiamondFlex Pro range and so forth, giving you the ability to create a uniform and even more customisable appearance. The interlocking design ensures stability, durability, and easy maintenance. The constant introduction of new colours amplifies the creative potential of these modular tiles, enabling users to craft eye-catching patterns, delineate specific zones, or even incorporate company logos and designs for commercial applications.

See upcoming new colours and 2023 release dates below:

GridFlex Pro
Forest Green – Aug 30 (Available on backorder)
Navy Blue – Aug 30 (Available on backorder)
Lilac Purple – Sept 15 (Available on backorder)
Metallic Silver – Sept 15 (Available on backorder)
Rose Gold – TBA

DiamondFlex Pro
Ocean Teal – Late Sept
Lime Green – Late Sept
Sky Blue – Late Sept

We are dedicated to continuously expand options and colours. Stay tuned for more.

Which colour would you like to see next? Enter it in the comments below.

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