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Enhancing Your Garage Space: Creating Borders using Colours

Bordered Garage Before After

Flexspec tiles boast a broad spectrum of colours that go beyond the standard greys and blacks commonly seen in industrial-grade flooring. From bold reds and blues to serene greens and soft yellows, the colour palette lets you experiment with combinations that suit your vision. Whether you’re working on a garage, workshop, trade show booth, or even a children’s playroom, the diverse range of tile colours Flexspec offers provides the perfect foundation for crafting distinct borders.

Creating a Focal Point

Borders serve as visual anchors, guiding the eye and delineating spaces within a larger area. By employing colours strategically, you can draw attention to specific areas or objects, creating a focal point that stands out. For instance, a vibrant red border around a trade show booth can emphasise your products, while a calming blue border in a playroom can frame an activity corner.

Complementary Colour Coordination

Effective use of colour coordination is key to successful design. Colours can be chosen to either harmonise or contrast with the existing surroundings. For a seamless look, select border colours that complement the primary flooring or surrounding walls. On the other hand, opting for contrasting colours can create a dynamic visual impact that captures attention instantly.

Guiding Traffic Flow

In spaces with heavy foot traffic, such as workshops or garages, borders can play a functional role in guiding the movement of people and vehicles. By using different colours to create pathways, you not only ensure safety but also add a touch of creativity to an otherwise utilitarian area. Bright colours can indicate walkways, while darker hues can denote designated parking spots.

Personalised Themes

Flexspec tiles allow you to express your personality and style through your space’s design. Whether you’re a fan of bold, high-energy colours or prefer a more subdued and sophisticated palette, our tiles can accommodate your preferences. This versatility is particularly valuable when you’re aiming to create themed areas within a larger space. From a sports-themed garage with team colours to a nature-inspired playroom with earthy tones, the possibilities are endless.


Flexspec colours aren’t limited to conventional flooring applications; they can be harnessed to bring your design ideas to life through striking borders. By leveraging the vibrancy and versatility of our pallet range, you can create borders that not only enhance aesthetics but also serve practical purposes. Whether it’s about guiding traffic flow, establishing focal points, or infusing personalised themes, Flexspec offers a creative solution that transforms spaces into engaging, visually captivating environments.

Floor bordered design

Quick Notes

This project required measuring and straight cutting tiles for left rear of the garage.

Our installers were able to complete this installation in 2 hours.


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