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Coming Jan 2024: New DiamondFlex Pro Tile Colours – Lime Green, Ocean Teal, and Sky Blue

Coming Jan 2024 New DiamondFlex Pro Tile Colours

Coming Jan 2024 Flexspec will be releasing three new captivating colours to its DiamondFlex Pro Tile collection: Lime Green, Ocean Teal, and Sky Blue. These bold additions not only elevate the brand’s extensive range of options but also offer customers exciting new possibilities for personalising their spaces.

DFP Lime Green

DiamondFlex Pro Lime Green: A Burst of Energy

The introduction of Lime Green to the DiamondFlex Pro Tile lineup marks a departure from traditional flooring norms. This vibrant and energetic hue injects a sense of dynamism into any space, making it ideal for those who seek to create an atmosphere of enthusiasm and vitality. Lime Green DiamondFlex Pro Tiles are perfect for commercial spaces, garages, workshops, or even recreational areas where a bold and invigorating aesthetic is desired. View it here

DFP Ocean Teal

DiamondFlex Pro Ocean Teal: Tranquility in Every Step

In contrast to the high-energy Lime Green, Ocean Teal brings a sense of calm and tranquility to the DiamondFlex Pro Tile palette. Reminiscent of the deep and mysterious ocean, this soothing teal shade adds a touch of sophistication to any environment. Ideal for spaces where a serene ambiance is desired, such as lounges, home offices, or relaxation areas, Ocean Teal DiamondFlex Pro Tiles provide a refreshing escape. View it here

DFP Sky Blue

DiamondFlex Pro Sky Blue: Elevate Your Space to New Heights

Sky Blue, a colour associated with expansiveness and freedom, joins the DiamondFlex Pro Tile family to offer a clean and airy aesthetic. This versatile shade is well-suited for a variety of settings, from residential garages and showrooms to retail spaces and fitness centres. Sky Blue brings a sense of openness to any environment, creating a visually appealing atmosphere that promotes creativity and well-being. View it here

Stay Tuned For More Colours Coming in 2024

The introduction of Lime Green, Ocean Teal, and Sky Blue DiamondFlex Pro Tiles is a testament to the our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. These new colour ranges will expand the design possibilities for many customers around Australia. Whether seeking high-energy vibrancy, calming tranquility, or open expansiveness, Flexspec has you covered for every taste and style. Shop DiamondFlex Pro.

In 2024 we plan to continue expanding up to 12 new colours of our DiamondFlex Pro tile range whilst also expanding our other ranges. We also have more exciting news coming soon. Stay tuned for more!

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2 thoughts on “Coming Jan 2024: New DiamondFlex Pro Tile Colours – Lime Green, Ocean Teal, and Sky Blue

  1. JSP says:

    You guys rock! We’re waiting on the Sky Blue 😀

    1. Sarah - Flexspec [Customer Support Team] says:

      Thanks JSP!

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