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Top 7 Benefits of Modular Garage Floor Tiles

Top 5 Benefits of Modular Floor Tiles

Benefits of modular floor tiles – Diverse conditions make people opt for different kinds of flooring systems. Moreover, part of the environmental conditions is the kind of use to subject the modular garage floor tiles. Choosing this particular category provides an efficient and agile way to run underlying systems. 

As in the case of Modular Garage Floor Tiles, they give a great look that gives your garage a more excellent value than car storage. Apart from looks, it contributes to the possibility of adopting your home garage for other uses such as recreation and sports. It even works if you convert it to a mini office or a workshop: you have the floor with a classic yet modern look.

Regarding our offerings at Flexspec, you can be confident in a top-quality set of modular floor tiles. In addition, we give up to a decade of warranty on all our various products for adaptable uses. For example, a raised floor system or a vinyl floor tile allows for a smooth run of hydraulic and electrical installations in the structure. 

One would like to ask, what is unique about the Modular flooring tiles system? First, let us give a clear description of what these floor tiles are.

Top 5 Benefits of Modular Floor Tiles

What are Modular Flooring Tiles?

The term ‘module floor tiles’ refers to unique tiles woven into each other in a simple pattern. Also, they require a prepared surface without any need for anchors or glues to keep them in place. 

These tiles are the most adaptable for creating interesting patterns and details on the floor. Some common examples are modular carpeting, vinyl flooring, and raised floor systems. Let us now consider some of the top benefits of modular floor tiles.

5 Benefits of Modular Floor Tiles for your Garage

The benefits of modular floor tiles are too much to cover in one post. We’ve covered some of the best and clear advantages down below.

1. Modular tiles are fun for creating patterns and styles

Modular tiles are the best option when you want to create a unique pattern on your garage floor. They also allow you to mix colours to create a unique design. For instance, some floor patterns include coins, and diamonds, which can be done using different colours. Besides, the tiles are flexible to roll out, trim or cut into adjusted shapes to fit your floor. However, you must first have a model or sketch of what you are trying to create before installing.

Top 5 Benefits of Modular Floor Tiles 1

2. They are usually very affordable

Another fantastic benefit of choosing module floor tiles is that they are more affordable than ceramic tiles. For example, selecting the vinyl garage roll of tiles is one of the cheapest options in terms of cost. The rate is usually per square foot. However, the price may depend on the grade or thickness of the vinyl content and the selected colour, which may vary in price. You may pay more if you also request custom-sized or pre-cut tiles. Moreover, the modular garage floor tiles have one of the most comprehensive price ranges for flooring solutions. Whatever you can afford, you go for it.

3. Easy Installation

If you plan a DIY approach to installing floor tiles, the best option is the modular garage floor tiles. Irrespective of the level of experience, the fundamental characteristic of modular tiles is the ease of installation. Even if you have never tried flooring before, you can quickly figure this one out with zero experience. You must pin the tiles into one another in the pattern you desire to cover the floor space. You don’t need a separate installer, painter, or interior decorator.

4. Resistant to Harsh use

When it comes to using, unlike other kinds of flooring systems, you can depend on modular floor tiles. Apart from the style you create, they are also very durable in use as they can resist stains without causing permanent damage. More importantly, Flexspec sells the highest quality modular garage floor tiles that can transform your garage space. Whether you set them on pool decking where much water comes on it or at workshops exposing them to chemical stains, they maintain their good shape and colour. Also, they are resistant to UV radiation in sunlight, which could decolonize other tiles. 

5. Low Maintenance Cost

It is worth mentioning that modular garage floor tiles are perfect in terms of maintenance cost. The low cost of maintenance also allows you to stay within budget and prevent recurring costs. In other words, using these modular floor tiles is less expensive than installing epoxy resin being poured into your floor. Depending on the garage floor size and if you want to cover the entire floor, the modular garage floor tiles remain an economical choice.

Top 5 Benefits of Modular Floor Tiles 2

6. Modular tiles can handle the weight

This is one of the most important benefits of modular floor tiles. No doubt, any flooring system you choose for your garage has to be one that can bear the weight of vehicles. If you are working on old cars in your garage, you need the floor tiles to have the right strength. Therefore, modular floor tiles are dependable in bearing the weight of car lifts. They can also handle heavy-duty cabinetry and machinery such as tool boxes and floor jacks.

7. Anti-Slip Grip

Another outstanding feature easily observable with the modular flooring tiles is their anti-slip grip on them. This feature mainly makes it the number one choice for flooring pool decks. Anyone walking around such wet areas can still feel safe because the tiles have a good grip on your sole. As for garages, when there is a spill of water or engine oil on the floor, stepping on it could otherwise cause a slip but not for modular floor tiles.

Final Verdict On benefits of modular floor tiles

The benefits of modular floor tiles are way more then ordinary floor tiles, some of which we have discussed here. You can be confident of a great variety of products with high versatility. Also, your floor remains colourful for a long time without fade or growth of mildew or mould. At Flexspec, our products come with up to 10 years of warranty, portraying our assurance of a top-quality brand. Meanwhile, our customer support is ready and available to give you all the help that you may need. You can also request customised products to fit your specific requirements or ask us to suggest them.

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