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Backorder Terms

Reserve your stock before it arrives.

If Your Order Contains ‘Backordered’ Items

Delivery Timeframe: The estimated delivery date for backordered items is provided based on initial information and may be subject to change. Customers will be notified of any updates or delays.
Partial Shipments: If less than 30% of your order contains backordered items, we may be partially shipped, with available items dispatched first. Backordered items will be shipped separately at no additional cost when they become available. Or please let us know if you’d like any available items in your order shipped beforehand.
Payment Processing: Customers will be charged for backordered items at the time of purchase, ensuring the reservation of the product. Due to larger commercial orders there are times when stock is sold out on backorder, even before arrival. Please make sure to check the % sold (Usually above the ‘Available on Backorder’ button)
Priority Fulfilment: Backordered items will be fulfilled on a priority basis once they are back in stock, ensuring that customers who placed orders first receive their products first.
Product Availability: The availability of backordered items is contingent upon our restocking schedules, and unforeseen delays may occur. We appreciate your understanding and patience.
Customer Support: Our customer support team is available to assist with any inquiries regarding backordered items. Feel free to contact us for updates or assistance in managing your order.

The world is a weird place right now. Having all your products in stock can be a real issue for many businesses in many industries, Flexspec included. What we’re proposing is the ability to order your products on backorder and guarantee your place in line when they do come in. With these items, we’ll have an ETA. Without it, we won’t offer backorders. What we’re guaranteeing is that when these products arrive, you’ll get them if you have a spot in the line. It’s that simple.

Reserve Items Before It Arrives

Please Note: We’re doing our best to increase production of our products.

Due to requests by customers and a higher than expected volume of orders we’re now allowing backorders on some out of stock items.

Backorders are only available for items which have a confirmed ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival). If we don’t have a confirmed ETA the item/product will not be available for Backorder until we can confirm a production and arrival date.

If A Product Is On Backorder You’ll See This

Sometimes the ETA can be up to 4 months which can be dependant on multiple factors including supply chain issues, shortage of material, or if the item has already been 100% Backordered/Reserved which will push further the ETA of that specific item. Please make sure to check ETA and % available of the item/product (which you can find that on the single product pages).

With each batch for example we can only produce between 20,000-40,000 units of that specific SKU. The average order placed is between 200-400 units per order. In addition we also have our distributors who bulk order between 5,000-20,000 units at a time. Therefore stock can fluctuate quite rapidly as we can only produce and manufacture a certain quantity at a given time. If you want a particular item/colour please make sure to purchase or backorder/reserve as early as possible.

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