Reserve your stock before it arrives

Please Note: We’re doing our best to increase production of our tiles.

Due to requests by customers and a higher than expected volume of orders we’re now allowing back-orders on some out of stock items.

Back-Orders are only available for items which have a confirmed ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival). If we don’t have a confirmed ETA the item/product will not be available for Back-Order until we can confirm a production and arrival date.

If a product is available on Back-Order You'll see this:

Sometimes the ETA can be up to 4 months which can be dependant on multiple factors including supply chain issues, shortage of material, or if the item has already been 100% Back-Ordered/Reserved which will push further the ETA of that specific item. Please make sure to check ETA and % available of the item/product (which you can find that on the single product pages).

With each batch we can only produce between 20,000-40,000 units of that specific SKU. The average order placed is between 200-400 units per order. In addition we also have our distributors who bulk order between 5,000-20,000 units at a time. Therefore stock can fluctuate quite rapidly as we can only produce and manufacture a certain quantity at a given time. If you want a particular item/colour please make sure to purchase or back-order/reserve as early as possible.

For Customers with Back-Order/Reserved items:

Once your item has arrived in our warehouse it will be dispatched within 1-5 business days. All Back-Order/Reserved items are shipped out on a first come first serve basis.  The earliest orders get priority dispatch.

Current items on Back-Order:

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