Back-Order & Out of Stock items

Back-order items

The world is a weird place right now. Having all your products in stock can be a real issue for many businesses in many industries, FLEXSPEC included. What we’re proposing is the ability to order your products on back-order and guarantee your place in line when they do come in. With these items, we’ll have an ETA. Without it, we won’t offer back-orders. What we’re guaranteeing is that when these products arrive, you’ll get them if you have a spot in the line. It’s that simple.

Lock in your item

We lock in your item so you cannot get skipped over. If you just wait for something to come back in stock you might never get it. Locking your place in line means you will get what you want, but you might have to wait.

Lock in your Price

With todays rapidly changing supply chains, prices are rising weekly. due to cost of labor and materials. Lock in your price to guarantee the rate you see.

Out of stock items