Understanding the key differences

Authorised Dealers vs. Resellers

The Importance of Buying Flexspec from an Authorised Dealer: Ensuring Quality and Peace of Mind

The roles of authorised dealers and resellers play pivotal roles in distributing products to consumers. While both entities are involved in selling goods, there are distinct differences between them that can significantly impact the consumer experience from the relationship between Flexspec, our authorised distributors, and the customer.

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Authorised Dealers

Our authorised dealers are entities designated by us to sell their products directly to consumers or other businesses. These dealers enter into formal agreements with us, granting them the right to sell specific products within a defined territory or market segment. Here are some key characteristics of why it’s important to buy from an authorised dealer:

We carefully select authorised dealers based on various criteria such as reputation, market reach, and commitment to brand values. These partnerships are built on trust and mutual benefit, with Flexspec providing support, training, and marketing materials to authorised dealers.

Product Authenticity
One of the primary advantages of purchasing from authorised dealer is the assurance of product authenticity. Authorised dealers source their products directly from us, ensuring that customers receive genuine products with valid warranties.

Expertise and Support
Authorised dealers often possess in-depth product knowledge and receive specialised training from manufacturers. This expertise allows them to provide superior customer service, including assistance with product selection, installation, and after-sales support.

Warranty Coverage
Products purchased from our authorised dealers come with warranties, providing consumers with peace of mind in case of defects or malfunctions. If an authorised dealer is no longer around we will still facilitate warranty claims and repairs according to our guidelines. Regardless, you can always deal directly with us for any warranty claims.

Brand Reputation
We work closely monitor the activities of their authorised dealers to uphold brand reputation and customer satisfaction. By maintaining strict quality standards and pricing policies, authorised dealers contribute to enhancing the value of the brand.

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Resellers, on the other hand, are independent entities that purchase products from either our authorised dealers or during a sale or promotion, or from other suppliers and then resell them to consumers or businesses. Unlike authorised dealers, resellers may also rebrand our products and try to sell at a higher price point. Here are some key aspects of resellers:

Diverse Product Portfolio
Resellers often carry a diverse range of products sourced from various suppliers. They may not have exclusive rights with these suppliers and may not focus on offering competitive pricing but rather a broad selection products to attract customers.

Overall Higher Pricing
Resellers generally have less flexibility in pricing since they are not buying our products in bulk at dealer rates. They adjust prices based on market demand, competition, and other factors.

Limited Manufacturer Support
Unlike authorised dealers, resellers do not receive direct support from us. While the dealer who sold it to them may offer them assistance, resellers are generally responsible for handling customer inquiries, warranties, and support independently.

Varied Product Sourcing
Resellers may acquire products through various channels, including from sales, or from alternative suppliers. While this allows for greater flexibility in inventory management, it can also introduce risks related to product authenticity and quality control. Hence why we do not cover warranties from resellers as we can’t authenticate that they have actually sold our product to you.

Less Stringent Quality Control
Since resellers may source products from multiple avenues, ensuring consistent quality control can be challenging. While reputable resellers prioritise product quality and customer satisfaction, consumers should exercise caution when purchasing from some resellers.

“Numerous resellers enter then exit the market, promising warranties that customers are now unable to claim. After careful consideration, we are presently only exclusively distributing our newest 3DFlex Pro tiles through a carefully chosen group of authorised dealers to restrict access to certain resellers. Additionally, these tiles are patented to safeguard against counterfeit products entering the market.”


In summary, while both authorised dealers and resellers play essential roles in product distribution, they operate under distinct business models and offer different advantages to consumers. When it comes to purchasing Flexspec flooring, we always recommend buying from an authorised dealer. Authorised dealers offer unparalleled advantages, including assurance of authenticity and quality, expert guidance, manufacturer support, compliance with quality standards, genuine product, better pricing, and protection of your investment. By choosing to buy Flexspec from an authorised dealer, you can enjoy a seamless buying experience and confidence in the long-term performance and reliability of your flooring solution.

Also please also note that access to our Flexspec Verified Rewards is only available through purchases made from an authorised dealer.

For any questions feel free to get in touch with our friendly support staff.

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